Copyright © 2011 Diana Garcia. All Rights Reserved. deep wood shade shadows my skin when you touch me this glow from within your sun pumps radiant fluids into my parched earthiness as always, my rivulets seek your bigger waters the pounding oceans fragile seas dappled fragrance seeps just beneath the scent of us and undulates --I … Continue reading DEEP WOOD SHADE


Copyright © 2011 Diana Garcia. All Rights Reserved. You are a fleeting shadow in my parallax dreamYet you rush into vivid view, voracious in your desireI am blind blurred by your mandrake loveYour nightshade whims upon my areola breathWe blend, bore into damp scorched criesNails dig deep into the core creating desire-fractalsIn all its chaosI, … Continue reading CRESCENDO


Early Arizona Morning Sunrise, Pinal County. Photo by Diana Garcia. Copyright © 2011. Diana Garcia. All Rights Reserved. Mother desert gathers color-shards of brilliance.She rains golden tangerine magenta vermillionUpon my skin and I am enveloped in radiancefrom her orbfrom her filament.I open my eyes and attempt to touch her prismSentient and ripe.She flows though me … Continue reading SATURDAY MORNING